luibao about us

Luibao Limited is operating in Hong Kong, the prime Asia hub, since 2015. Our mission is to fill the gaps for international trading between Europe and Asia. We provide business matching for European brands with Asian partners. We also source the best deals on products and services in Asia for our clients in Europe.

The Team

Diana Di Bonito

Fanatic Supporter

Diana is a customer service expertise in delivering unforgettable customer experience. She loves making her customers happy and she’s passionate about people, food, wine and travels. With Luibao, she wants to share how amazing to experiment new things.

luibao's found Luigi Palumbo

Luigi Palumbo


Luigi is a master in unlimited willingness to explore. Growing up in Italian countryside, but explored himself in different countries in Europe, States, and Asia. With Luibao he wants to closen the distance between Europe and Asia by providing his knowledge and experience.

Matteo Barbieri


Matteo is a creative financial expert with obsession of cooking and tasting raw materials with high quality and great wines. He lives in Milan and loves travelling to explore and try new flavours. His dream is to introduce and to be introduced different culinary culture through Luibao.

luibao's managing director menty yu

Menty Yu

Managing Director

Menty is a ‘lifestyler’ loving to collect goodies and memorable moments. Food and drink, workout and fitness, travel and social life are all her favorites. “Sharing is Caring” – she wants more people to color-paint their lives through her sharing and working with Luibao.

Reach the team by email to [email protected] for any enquiries about our service or for your interest to be partner with us.