We have more than 50 brands from Italy in our portfolio, and the number is growing continuously.

Those premium brands offer different products, including but not limited to 100% Italian truffle, cheese, wine & spirit, craft beer, chocolate and more.

We also work with our local partners and regional associations for international F&B and cultural events, food and culture tours, and factory visits.

A Quick Look Of Our Brands


Founded in 1892, Boscovivo is a Tuscany-based company, specializes in 100% Italian fresh truffle, processed truffle products, and Tuscany’s traditional meat sauces. The company works with local farmers for natural, authentic Italian products. Over the years, it has achieved numerous awards and certificates, and is exporting around the world. In Asia, it is in Hong Kong, India, Japan and China.

Boscovivo frequently collaborates with Michelin chefs, Chef Associations, Culinary Educations to promote Italian cuisine and truffle culture. Boscovivo has developed many unique products to surprise the consumers. A special mention for some unique product: Spicy Truffle Seasoning, Truffle Caviar, Fresh Truffle Craft Beer, Truffle Soy Sauce.

L”Astemia Pentita

L”Astemia Pentita owned by the Italian businesswoman Sandra Vezza (also owner of famous POP-art brand Gufram), is located in Barolo, Italy and covering the precious GrandCru Barolo sub-regions: Barolo Cannubi and Barolo Terlo. The winemakers are within the Top 5 winemakers of the world (according to Wine Enthusiast), Donato Lanati and Mauro Daniele.

The precious GrandCru Barolo has no more than 2,000 bottles per year and they have even created the unique POP-art wine bottles targeting a niche market. The vinery has continuously won awards around the world and is highly rated by James Suckling, IWSC, Decanter, and Sakura.


Osella, from Langhe region of north Italy, is the signature brand of typical Italian soft-ripened cheese, Robiola. The brand, with its 150-year history, wins over 58% market share in Italy with the highest guarantee about the quality of raw materials, recipes and relations with milk producers.

Osella has been innovating over the years as a market leader for Robiola cheese. They have successfully launched the new long-shelf Robiola line for their export markets, and the same technology is applied to their signature original flavour and truffle flavour.

Il Falconiere /  Baracchi

A beautiful SPA resort located in Cortona, Tuscany. Il Falconiere is the destination for food, wine, culture lover. Il Falconiere offers Michelin star chef Silvia’s wonderful creations, Baracchi wine with the first-ever Sangiovese based sparkling wine, and many others to be discovered.

We work with Il Falconiere, with Chef Silvia, with the winery owner Riccardo, to offer the dynamic experience for our clients, for example, experience Michelin restaurant, the cooking class, resort and SPA, Cortona tour and more over, we work with them internationally for the events in Asia.


BirraDaMare has been founded in 2004 and their beers are distributed throughout Italy and exported abroad, especially in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan. It is a brand full of passion for authentic craft brewing and fresh ingredients, without compromises, and not pasteurised – all for home- brewed high-quality beer.

Their creations are mainly based on fresh ingredients from Italy and the combination of different hops. Italian Grape Ale, fermented with Italian wine grape juice, is definitely their signature. Fresh hop beer and barrel-aged barley wine are something not to be missed too.

Valtaro Formaggi

Valtaro Formaggi, is a company active in the cheese wholesale market since 1970 and specialises in “Parmigiano-Reggiano” cheese. They choose only dairy farms where milk comes from a particular cow-shed only situated in the province of Parma, in order to ensure the consistency of our products in terms of quality and aesthetics.

They have the ground-breaking project to create special shapes of “Parmigiano-Reggiano” cheese by their technical cutting system.


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