We have more than 50 brands from Italy and France in our portfolio, and the number is growing continuously.

Those premium brands offer different products, including but not limited to 100% Italian truffle, extra virgin olive oil, champagne, truffle chocolate and natural jam.

We also have natural skin care brand with a pure essential and vegetable oil concept, beverage brands – including champagne, Italian fine wines and Italian craft beers and other non-alcohol drinks, and Italian food brands – including truffle, cheese, meat & fish products, olive oil, pasta, jam, chocolate, sweet snack & cookies, frozen pizza & snack.


100% Italian Truffle (Fresh & Processed Products)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Ham and Sausage

Pesto Sauce (Fresh & Processed)

Pasta (Fresh & Dried)

Frozen Pizza and Snacks

Processed Seafood/Fish Products

Green Coffee

Natural Jam, Chocolate and Nut Spread/Cream

Dried Fruit and Nut Snacks

Savoury Snacks, Chips and Crisps

Sweet Snacks, Cakes, Chocolate


Italian Fine Wine


Italian Craft Beer

Premium Italian Water

Natural/Organic Juice

Soft Drinks/Soda Drinks


Baby Food

Healthy Food and Beverage

Skin and Hair Care (Essential Oil and Vegetable Oil Based)