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We visited TuttoFood Milan 2017

From 8 May to 11 May, we were in one of the biggest food fairs in Europe – TuttoFood Milan. The four-day fair occupies the whole new exhibition centre in Milan and it covers 10 halls for different food and beverage categories. We were very glad to be there this year, as we witness the innovative and traditional Italian and European food & beverage brands and products; we also noticed a few trends and interesting products which we see the big potential to be the next hit products in Asia.

What we find in the fair

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

One of the biggest focus in this year’s fair is extra virgin olive oil. We’ve seen many premium oil producers from the famous extra virgin olive oil location in Italy, Puglia and Tuscan. The producers have put all their efforts to producer the best extra virgin olive oil by selecting the best olives and make premium oils with one type of special olive for the most representing flavor and taste.

We’ve found the brand in their 100 years anniversary with the very special ceramic bottles for their extra virgin olive oil. “A craftship transfers onto the bottle.” We’ve also discovered the premium oil producer presenting a line of organic extra virgin olive oil with interesting flavors which are absolutely not Italian tradition, for example, green tea extra virgin olive oil with a slice of tea fresh after-taste, and goji extra virgin olive oil for various extra benefits. What’s more? A luxury bottle of premium quality extra virgin olive oil and some gold flakes inside? Or you would like a bottle of Millenario extra virgin olive oil, not only organic and top quality, but also produced from the 1000 year old olive trees and a rare bottle which you will not find a lot in the world.

Fish Products

We’ve tried the very special tuna fish products, which are produced and covered by white wax package.

Traditional Italian Citrus Soft Drink

The brand and the company is so famous among all the Italian generation as they starts from 1793. Their most famous and iconic soft drink is made with the signature Italian fruit, citrus. Not even the taste is so special and lovely, but also the story and the history behind the brand and their bottle design is extremely attractive.

Organic Vegetable Juice Drink

We are glad to see Italian producers are trying to embrace high technology and the new trend nowadays people are looking for. Organic food and drink are not special, and we even find almost all exhibitors are presenting their 100% natural products in the fair. Well, we found the organic vegetable juice drinks are interesting. They are a perfect mix with at least 3 different kinds of fruits including some special fruits from Italy regions. It’s not only organic, but also leverages technology to keep the best nutrition from the fruits for nowadays healthy lifestyle requirements.

Salty and Sweet Snacks

We always like the family business spirit and the concept of craftship of Italian premium brands, and at Tuttofood 2017, we are happy to see this spirit lies in snacks products as well, especially the very impressive hand cooked chips. The brand represents the top quality and the handmade spirit which a line of healthier snack products are promoted with characters of exclusive ingredients, palm oil free, no colorants and so on.

Meanwhile, we also see a lot of traditional Italian treasure from the sweet side. Panettone absolutely wins our heart by the very delicious Italian recipe and we hope to find more this Christmas special products in Asia soon. We’ve also found a very premium truffle chocolate brand who’s using the top quality Piedmont hazelnut, almond and Sicilian pistachio for all their products.

This is just a small part of Tuttofood 2017. The 4-day fair shows us the best, the newest and the most traditional Food & Beverage products from Italy. We have successfully build up partnership with a few selected brands and to work with them to bring their premium products to Asia market. At this moment, some of the selective products have been under discussion with our Asia clients.

For any enquiry about the Italian products or interest on partnership,  please feel free drop us an email at [email protected]