Hainan Cross-Border E-Commerce Association

HNCBEC Association is the legal association registered in Hainan Island, China since 2020. The association consists of companies, groups, individuals, state-owned companies, NGOs, and local government departments, with 300 registered members till 2021. The association is to promote the development of the E-commerce industry in Hainan, regulate the latest government policies and regulations about the E-commerce industry, as well as coordinate the relationship between commercial companies and government departments. Various industries leaders in China and overseas are involved including but not limited to E-commerce, supply chain and logistics, import & export trade, finance and investment, digital marketing and new media, Technology, education, new retail, and start-up incubator.

luibao partner_hainan crossborder ecommerce association

The Project

As the official partner of HNCBEC in Europe, we work with the association and the member companies to launch the Hainan Cross-Border E-Commerce project in Europe by building up the business partnership with overseas suppliers and producers. Meanwhile, as the cultural connection between the association and Italian NGO, we help to promote Hainan island to Italian companies with its culture, tourism, and potential opportunities for overseas companies and investors.