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If you are paying for Instagram marketing, you should know Xiaohongshu in China

Get to know China’s Instagram…

the 12 must know trends and insights told from the food industry in china are actually useful for all business in 2021

12 Hot Trends in China - Not Only for Food and Beverage Business

The insights and suggestions based on the food industry in China. However, we find them practical for all China businesses.

top 10 shopping china trends 2022_thumbnail

To See, To Shop, To Own, Young Consumers Go Shopping In China

Who holds the rising buying power in China now? Z-gen, the 90s, young generations. Go shopping in China, what young consumers are craving to see, to shop, to own?

a step by step guide of how to register a wechat official service account for an oversea company with the introduction of wechat account types and the registration fee

how to register a wechat account for an oversea company

Your step-by-step guide plus an in-depth introduction of WeChat Official Account

Bistro business in China thumbnail cover photo

Bistro, A Fraction Of The Wine Market In China

Catching a fraction of the wine market in China? Present the correct products with the correct values into the correct “niche” channel.


we are your Chinese project manager, sales rep, and social media manager.

Our European clients are in Italy and Germany, across different industries like Food & Beverage, industrial printing, interior design, and personal care.

We offer services from go-to-market research, sourcing and logistics assistance, intellectual property protection, to marketing & sales activities and social media marketing.


china market & Social media

We offer tailor-made consulting services about China market to associations, commercial organizations, companies, and individuals.

We manage clients’ social media presence in China for branding, marketing, and lead generation or sales activities.

Import & Export

We take care of Import & Export trade business for our clients between China and Europe, covering sales, trade fairs, and supply chain.

our clients

I have been using Luibao logistic services to export Italian products to Hong Kong for my Chinese clients since 2018 and have been always completely satisfied. They do an excellent job granting the best rate. They have a great problem-solving approach and are very fast and reliable with attention to detail.
Affidabili e pronti a soddisfare qualsiasi tipo di richiesta.

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