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Insights of China Social Media in 2020

How does China E-market look like in 2020? What are the latest trends and what do Chinese consumers want? 

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What You Know About The WeChat Marketing Strategy Is All Wrong!

6 misunderstandings even the professional Chinese marketers are making

top 8 e-market trends in china in 2020 if you are running a business in china or targeting chinese consumers

What are 2020's E-market trends in China?

You don't want to miss this list of what is going viral in China

the top 10 china social media apps in 2020 which are valuable for business to consider for their digital marketing strategy in china

Top 10 Chinese Social Media Apps For Brands In 2020

There is always a "new guy" or maybe two. So, 2020? We have surely TikTok and Kuaishou

a step by step guide of how to register a wechat official service account for an oversea company with the introduction of wechat account types and the registration fee

how to register a wechat account for an oversea company

Your step-by-step guide plus an in-depth introduction of WeChat Official Account


We are based in Hong Kong and Rome, provide business matching, source the best deals, and offer our knowledge about china market and social media to clients in europe and china.

Our European clients are in Italy and Germany, across different industries like Food & Beverage, industrial printing, interior design, and luxury property. We have an extended network in China and Europe from manufacturing, logistics to food science, commercial associations, and digital marketing agencies.

By observing closely the impressive performance of China digital marketing, and the surging demands for China social media marketing expertise, we realized it was time for us to offer more professional insights and services to our European clients.


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We offer the tailor-made and updated courses and professional consulting services for academic and commercial organizations, companies, and individuals who are working in the China market.

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We take care of Import & Export business including offer marketing, sales, purchasing, and events for our clients in China and Europe.


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