Our service


China Market Research

Desk research on the targeted industry, consumer segments, and distribution or sales channels

Competitor study and analysis report

Brand social voice checking report

Go-To-China Strategy

Brand value definition and communication guidelines

Product profile and UPS definition

Target business clients and/or consumer segments and potential client acquisition channels

Operation plan (trade fair, roadshow, buyer meetings, etc)

Social media and digital marketing plan

China Custom, local market regulation, and intellectual property protection check

Budget planning

Marketing & Social Media Management

Content localization

Website, catalogs, brochure, leaflets, product sheets,…

Brand Kit Production

Localized artworks and banners, catalog, brochures, product sheets, digital product kits for E-commerce,…

Chinese Website

.cn server hosting, content management, SEO, paid Ads,…

Social Media Management

Chinese social media management: WeChat, Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book)

  • Account setup
  • Content editorial plan & Content creation and management
  • Instant inquiry management & Auto-reply messages
  • Reporting
  • Paid Ads & Campaigns

English social media management: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn

  • Content editorial plan & Content creation and management
  • Instant inquiry management
  • Reporting
  • Paid Ads & Campaigns


We are your export manager to represent your brand and products in Chinese or other Chinese or English-speaking markets. Our service activities include but are not limited to buyer meetings, deal negotiations, logistic support, trade fair exhibition, workshop, and roadshow support.

Special Project

We build up special projects with our Chinese team and local partners according to the clients’ needs and budgets. Especially in F&B sector, we work closely with reputed industrial leaders from consumer goods, PR and media, and digital marketing industries in China. We work with top-level chefs, celebrity chef and gourmet influencers, luxury hotels and fine dining restaurants, associations and so on.

Menty Yu (Senior Partner, Luibao)

Brand collaboration on Xiaohongshu (Secretum Magazine for Mediterranean Lifestyle)

We started a Mediterranean lifestyle-focused media account on Xiaohongshu and it went viral during the pandemic.

We have currently,


69,000+ post likes and savings

We are offering potential brand collaboration through Secretum Magazine to promote the Mediterranean lifestyle,

in the way of,

  • Food & Wine,
  • Tourism and Hospitality,
  • Skincare and Beauty,
  • Fashion and Handcraft,
  • Architecture, and Design.
luibao special project_brand collaboration on xiaohongshu

We are very selective with partnerships and like to ensure that every project completely aligns with Secretum Magazine’s brand, style, and our followers’ expectations. If you think this could be a nice fit, we’d love to chat.

“Don’t know what is Xiaohongshu? Check out our blog and keep updated about what’s trending in China and how to reach Chinese consumers”