Italian Winery Visit: San Luciano in Tuscany

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We have never stopped our curiosity and steps to explore the beautiful lands and places in Italy, and if you are our friends, our clients or, once, you have talked to us, you know that our majority focus is on Tuscany. Tuscany, some Italians said the whole of Italy originates from Tuscany and the Italian language comes from Tuscany – “Oh really?” other Italians will fight back, but whatever, our team has fallen in love with this rich and beautiful land from the beginning. We found our first business and dear friends from this land as well.

We visited San Luciano through one of our best friends in Italy, and the owner and the winemaker from this wine family welcomed us in the most honest and energetic manner like many other Italians. It is easy to see his great passion for wine-making and the brand, San Luciano.

Our journey started from the modern side of the winery where the press, the fermentation, and the bottling happen. Then, we followed Stefano to the cool cellar underground, where he showed us all the oak barrels with great pride. Each barrel has a special white mark for the winemaker to follow up on the process. Back to the ground again, we have a chance to see those lovely sleeping bottles where the wine is aging inside and waiting for their best time to meet the wine lovers from all over the world.

San Luciano does not have a big variety of wine, but their vineyards are impressively huge and beautiful. Stefano also took us to visit the ancient church which is surrounded by the vineyard, and it is said there left something from the pope.

Talking about San Luciano’s wine, they have just created the new special white wine which is almost sold out of stock in Japan while before officials being launched to the market. The reds are also beautiful, which all combine the passion of winemakers, the best balance, and the showcase of different Tuscany grape varieties. Among those white and red wine, we are even able to find the best matching to our Tuscany truffle brand, which is also multi-awarded.