Truffle Hunting with Boscovivo in Tuscany

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We finally fly over to Italy for the meeting and the tour with our truffle partner, Boscovivo in Arezzo, Tuscany. The visiting plan has been planned since this winter, and when the season of the black summer truffle is finally coming, it is our time for this expecting trip!

Explore truffle hunting with Boscivivo in the Tuscany region of Italy from how it is discovered how to cook it in your home kitchen.

You might have a question why, as a Food & Beverage trade agent, we would go for a truffle tour? It all lies to our basic concept of building up the brand and introducing the best culture and culinary concept. What we do with our Italian partner is all for a better understanding of the truffle-eating culture in Europe, not only in Italy but on a general level. As Asians, especially in China, we are not lacking truffle, as a family of mushrooms. Truffle grows widely in China mountain area, however, that type of truffle isn’t considered as a delicate type for cuisine, comparing to the types called “Diamond” in French and Italian culinary. It all depends on the natural flavor and texture of different types of truffles.

With this truffle hunting tour, we learn from watching the hunter with his two dogs, listening to our truffle partner and expert’s explanation, and even experiencing by trying to be a truffle hunter at least one time. It is wonderful because we learn about the stories and the histories about truffle hunter and their tough job, also some Italian regulations about truffle hunting and truffle trading are introduced which make us clearer about why truffle is a precious and expensive food ingredient all the time.

Explore truffle hunting with Boscivivo in the Tuscany region of Italy from how it is discovered how to cook it in your home kitchen.

Following the truffle hunting tour, we drive back to the factory located in the beautiful countryside in Italy. We visited our partner’s factory with a guide explanation of how truffle is processed from the hands of truffle hunters to the hands of customers. Again, we were introduced to the very tough Italian regulation to control the production and processing of all ingredients and food products.

The last part of the whole truffle tour is all about eating and drinking. The lunch is set in the showroom of our partner’s factory where shows a very wide range of truffle products and Tuscan traditional culinary products. The owner, Mrs. Silvia Landucci, prepares a 6-course lunch with all the fresh truffle we have hunted that morning. In the lunch, Silvia sliced black summer truffle and cooked them according to different recipes which can be taken away by all guests who wish to do their home-truffle-dinner. The lunch includes cold and cooked appetizers, first and second dishes as well as the amazing dessert with all fresh ingredients, different truffle products including fresh ones, and a bottle of local sparkling wine!

Note: Truffle Hunting Tour in Tuscany with Boscovivo is currently run by Hong Kong representative and legal travel agencies in China, Hong Kong, and Italy. If you are interested to book the tour or have any questions about related Tuscany tour programs, please kindly send your inquiry email one month in advance.